All of our artisanally created products are made in small batches at the same time. Please review our ingredient list. We cannot guarantee cross-contamination. 

All products are for topical application only. Do not ingest. As always, please do a test patch prior to use. A test patch can be performed by applying the product on your wrist to see if any redness or irritation occurs. This product is not for treatment, diagnosis, prevention or to cure any medical conditions. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to seek the medical advice of a physician prior to usage.

We do not add preservatives to our products. Ensure your hands are cleaned and dry to prevent spoilage. 


List of Ingredients

Aloe Vera Gel (99% aloe vera juice and the remainder is composed of carrageenan, citric acid (food grade), and potassium sorbate (food grade))
Avocado oil
Brown Sugar
Calendula Oil (20% in olive oil)
Cane Sugar
Coconut oil
Jojoba oil
Kukui Nut Oil
Manuka honey
Marshmallow Root Powder
Olive oil
Pink Grapefruit
Pomegranate oil
Rose Geranium
Rosehip seed oil
Shea Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet Orange
Vegetable glycerin
Vitamin E